Ar putea NATO apăra Suedia și Finlanda?

Din punctul de vedere al legalității interne a NATO, Suedia sau Finlanda nu au dreptul de a fi apărate mai mult decât Ucraina. Miniștrii apărării din Uniunea Europeană s-au întâlnit marți cu secretarul general NATO...
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Plati prin scanarea palmei in Suedia

Peste o mie de magazine care permit plata produselor prin simpla scanare a palmei Practic, POS-urile au fost înlocuite cu scannere care citesc nu amprentele, ci dispunerea vaselor de sânge, despre care se știe că este unică.
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Paula Seling și Ovi s-au întilnit cu românii din Danemarca la Ambasada româna din Copenhaga

Paula Seling și Ovi s-au întilnit cu românii din Danemarca la Ambasada româna din Copenhaga...
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Vizita domnului ambasador Cătălin Avramescu în orașul Salo

În data de 24.03.2014, domnul Cătălin Avramescu, ambasadorul României în Finlanda, a efectuat o deplasare în orașul Salo unde a avut discuții cu dl. Antti Rantakokko, primarul orașului
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Daily Archives: 26/08/2017

Cele mai prietenoase orase din lume pentru biciclisti . Copenhaga pe locul 1, Malmö pe locul 5

The best cities in the world for cycling in 2017 have been revealed.

A new index for 2017 has revealed the most bicycle-friendly cities around the world, with the results being correlated from 14 different factors such as biking facilities in each location, the culture surrounding cycling, urban planning, the perception of safety in each city and the availability of bike-share programmes.

Unsurprisingly, Copenhagen came out on top as the best city in the world for cycling, while the results also saw a selection of global destinations shifting position. Now in its fourth year, the index was released by urban design consultancy Copenhagenize and ranked a total of 136 cities. Here are the top five from 2017. Denmark’s capital city managed to take the number one ranked position due to a range of positive new moves centred around cycling in the city. This includes an investment of over €134 million in biking infrastructure and facilities in the past ten years, as well as 16 new bridges for bikes and pedestrians that are either completed or under construction now. Since 2015, the city has also completed the Havneringen Ring bicycle route, allowing users to cycle along the whole inner harbour. The index showed that 62% of citizens ride a bike daily to work or school in the city, with only 9% driving cars.

The past two years have seen the opening of Cykelhuset (the Bicycle House) in Malmö, a development designed to allow residents to live car-free and to accommodate bicycles and cargo bikes throughout the entire building, while a new bicycle ferry between Malmö and Copenhagen will see the strengthening of bike tourism in the region.