Revelion în Scandinavia

🇩🇰 & 🇸🇪 & 🇧🇻 🇫🇮 vă urează “🕛 La Mulți Ani ! 🍾“ Similare
more | mai mult » : Va prezentam echipa colegilor de pe ruta Romania – Danemarca : Va prezentam echipa colegilor de pe ruta Romania  –  Danemarca, cu plecare marti din Bucuresti si joi din Aalborg: Bogdan, Aurica, Lucian, Florentin si Costi. Scopul lor este de a
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Cele mai prietenoase orase din lume pentru biciclisti . Copenhaga pe locul 1, Malmö pe locul 5

The best cities in the world for cycling in 2017 have been revealed. A new index for 2017 has revealed the most bicycle-friendly cities around the world, with the results being correlated
more | mai mult » “Suntem aici în Suedia din 2006, alaturi de dumneavoastra” Noi suntem echipa de pe cursa de Romania ?? – ?? Suedia cu plecare joi din Romania si sambata din Suedia. Suntem aici din 2006, alaturi de dumneavoastra si va stam
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Tur de oras cu caiacul, o modalitate excelentă de a explora Copenhaga

Din caiac, puteți experimenta orașul avînd un unghi vizual special (aviz fotografilor amatori), plutind calm prin canalele din Copenhaga. Vom începe călătoria noastră la Republica Kayak de la Knippelsbro, vom vâsli către
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SUPER NEWS ! Comati PSG deschide agentie la Iasi

? : Ne bucurăm sa vă anunțăm că din 10 martie 2017 se deschide Agenția Comati PSG din Iași! Adresa ? Str. Strapungere Silvestru, nr. 11 D2 (în apropierea Gării) ☎️(+40)
more | mai mult » : Autocarele noastre sunt dotate cu POS. Acum puteți plăti biletele sau coletele cu cardul bancar ? Autocarele noastre sunt dotate cu POS ? Acum puteți plăti biletele sau coletele cu cardul bancar. Va dorim calatorie placuta si, desigur, ca toate lucrurile din viata dumneavoastra sa fie
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Comati si-a deschis sediu la Bucuresti. Diverse facilitati si optiuni pentru clientii din capitala si nu numai

Dragi bucuresteni, Asa cum am promis, va asteptam la sediul nostru de pe strada Buzesti nr. 22! Comati PSG Similare
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Descarcati gratuit din Google Play store aplicatia Comati PSG pentru mobil

Cu peste 10 ani de experienta, oferim transport in cele mai bune conditii in Germania, Scandinavia si Cehia. Suntem mai rapizi decat concurentii nostrii din Romania iar transferul cu microbuzele noastre se
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A nins la Copenhaga ⛄

A nins la Copenhaga ⛄ Similare
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Incep noptile albe in Copenhaga

Nyhavn la miezul noptii Similare
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Imagini exceptionale : Festivalul Sakura de la Copenhaga

La ‪#‎CopenhagenSakuraFestival‬. Copenhaga (ma) surprinde mereu. Love.   sursa foto : Marius Paul Neacșu Similare
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Ţara mea, Danemarca splendida !

sursa foto : Similare
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Traditii de Paste în Danemarca

In the Danish national church version, the various Easter festivals are marked by the choice of readings and not, as for instance in Catholic countries, by imitating and dramatising the Gospel stories in the liturgy. The festivals celebrated are Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday…

The last residue of the old holiday legislation, which prohibited any kind of event that might disturb the service on church festivals, was removed in 1991. That is why various kinds of public entertainment are now permitted, just as certain shops may open. Easter allows five consecutive holidays and as a number of schools also give the children the remaining three days in Holy Week off, it can amount to ten consecutive holidays. That is why most Danes regard Easter as a holiday. A national survey in 2000 showed that 48% of the Danes attached particular importance to the family spending time together during Easter and 37% regarded it as a holiday; only 10% mentioned ‘attending Church’ and ‘the Christian message’ as the main feature of Easter.

For many, Easter is a symbol of the end of Winter and they therefore use their Easter holidays to begin Spring and Summer by opening up their holiday home, gardening, planting window boxes, etc.

The Easter Traditions

Many homes and shops are decorated for Easter in green and yellow, especially with new-leaved branches and daffodils. The main symbol of Easter is still the egg. The eggs used for decoration may be ordinary hen’s eggs which have been blown out and coloured or they may be imitation eggs or various kinds of sugar and chocolate eggs. Other decorations include small artificial hens and chickens and gradually also the Easter hare, which formerly was almost exclusively common in the areas by the German border.

There is a unique Danish Easter tradition, viz. the custom of sending teaser letters. In the weeks before Easter especially children cut out elaborate letters, on which they write a so-called teaser verse. The letter is anonymous, but signed with a number of dots corresponding to the number of letters in the sender’s name, so that the recipient has a chance of guessing who sent it. The pledge is a chocolate Easter egg redeemed at Easter. The letter is accompanied by a snowdrop, which is regarded as the first flower of the year.

Easter food consists of eggs in many different versions, but otherwise people eat what is generally regarded as spring food, i.e. chicken, lamb and vegetables.

Easter Lunch, which is eaten both with family and friends, is an ordinary Danish lunch with herrings and other kinds of fish, little hot dishes, sliced meats and cheese. With it, most people drink beer and schnapps. For Easter, the breweries make a special Easter brew, which is stronger and therefore tastier than ordinary beer.

Also in the peasant culture, Easter was not only a Christian festival; it was primarily a spring festival, which was also associated with much popular superstition, for instance in connection with the weather from which auguries were taken.




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